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Given the circumstances of the current epidemic and based on the recommendations of the various competent health authorities, we have now set up a procedure for telecommuting applicable to all our teams from March 16th, 2020.

We have been preparing for this possibility for several weeks and have planned its deployment in an organised manner.

This exceptional situation requires us to review our usual processes. Under these circumstances, we will endeavor to guarantee an acceptable level of business continuity. However, this temporary mode of functioning may involve a worsening of the quality of service provided and may sometimes cause a certain extension of processing deadlines.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this operating procedure under circumstances of force majeure. Your usual interlocutor remains available (please prefer communication by email, then mobile phone and, lastly, the usual telephone number).

Appointment of Sbastien Veynand

With effect from 15 October 2019, Sébastien Veynand will be appointed as Director of Development and Deputy CEO of La Mondiale Europartner.

He will carry out his duties under the responsibility of Loïc Le Foll, Chief Executive Officer, and will be in charge of the Sales Team, Marketing Team, Wealth Planning Team and product development.

Veynand, aged 46, holds a master's degree from Montpellier Business School. He started his career in 1996 at Societe Generale Bank & Trust Luxembourg. He then successively joined Banque Populaire du Luxembourg in 1998 and Euresa-life in 2000 before taking over responsibility for the partners of the investment solutions division of Lombard International Assurances in 2005. Since 2012, he has been the Director General of Generali Luxembourg.

"We are delighted that Sébastien Veynand is joining our management team. With more than 20 years of experience in the financial sector, he will devote his expertise to continuing the development of La Mondiale Europartner with all of our employees and, I am sure, with talent" said Loïc Le Foll, Managing Director of La Mondiale Europartner. 

Standard & Poors (S&P) confirmed AG2R LA MONDIALEs A- outlook positive rating

Standard & Poor’s (S&P) confirmed AG2R LA MONDIALE’s A- outlook positive rating. 
The rating agency highlights AG2R LA MONDIALE’s financial position, its importance on the French market, the quality of its products, the strong business diversification and its actions to reduce sensitivity to low interest rates.
S&P confirmed the positive outlook for a maximum of 12 months. After which time, AG2R LA MONDIALE’s rating may be upgraded.

Appointment of Loc Le Foll as Chief Executive Officer of La Mondiale Europartner S.A.

Loïc Le Foll has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of La Mondiale Europartner in succession to Fabrice Sauvignon with effect from 31 October 2018, subject to the agreement of the Luxembourg Insurance Commissariat.

He will carry out his duties under the responsibility of Jean-Marc Crestani, Executive Committee member of AG2R LA MONDIALE in charge of savings and patrimonial clients, projects and organisation, and President of La Mondiale Europartner. Loïc Le Foll, 46, is a trained actuary and holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the London Business School. He has spent his entire career in the insurance sector, including more than half in Luxembourg in the development of wealth insurance. He started in 1995 in the United Kingdom as a Product and Marketing Actuary with Scottish Provident International.

In 1997, he became Director and Partner of LLF International, following which he became Head of Products and Wealth Solutions at Lombard International Assurance in 2006, and Deputy CEO of Swiss Life Luxembourg in 2012. He joined La Mondiale Europartner as Sales Director in June 2017.

Press Release - Appointment of Loïc Le Foll

Standard & Poors upgraded AG2R LA MONDIALE rating to A- outlook positive

Standard & Poor’s (S&P) has confirmed the A- rating of the SGAM AG2R LA MONDIALE and its core entities (La Mondiale, AG2R Réunica Prévoyance, Prima and Arial CNP Assurances). The Outlook goes from Stable to Positive.

“This improvement in our Outlook is recognition for our operational performance, and for the reinforcement of our financial solidity and our capital. Our proposed rapprochement with the MATMUT Group is also considered as a positive element in terms of our future competitive position in the market and diversification of risk” said André Renaudin, Director General.

“This new Outlook reflects the confidence investors have in us. The very successful bond issues that La Mondiale realised in last December and January attest to this.  In the coming months the Group is likely to benefit from potential changes to the regulatory environment, notably because of the proposed “Pacte” law” adds David Simon, member of the executive committee in charge of finance, investments, and risk.

S&P also highlighted the ability of AG2R LA MONDIALE to mitigate its sensitivity to interest rates while improving its financial solidity and protecting the interests of its policyholders.

This Outlook Positive rating is given for a term of up to 18 to 24 months. After that period S&P may improve the rating of AG2R LA MONDIALE if the Group achieves the objectives which it has set itself, namely the success of its rapprochement with the MATMUT Group*, the maintenance of satisfactory operational performance and controlling interest-rate sensitivity in a low-interest rate environment.

* Subject to approval by the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (ACPR).

Prestigio Protection, the new protection product dedicated to Private Clients

Following the events dedicated to its partners, La Mondiale Europartner launches these days the Prestigio Protection, a temporary death insurance policy with capital and constant premiums, for Private Clients.

"The protection market is a major innovation for La Mondiale Europartner: we decided to provide this kind of policy to our partners in order to expand our own product range and to meet the needs of our Private Clients," explains Alessandro Quero, Chief Marketing Product and Communication Officer at La Mondiale Europartner.

Valerio Apolloni Ghetti, Country Manager Italy, reminds the origin of this project: "With the launch of this product, La Mondiale Europartner has taken into account the feedbacks of its Italian distribution partners, who have frequently reported the need, also for HNWI customers, to access protection solutions. Indeed, wealthy customers would like to benefit from a tailored protection solution, through a temporary death insurance policy and not only a savings/investment solution. As part of intergenerational transmission, the Private Clients wish to maintain the entire family wealth. Thus, a solid protection in the event of death allows these Clients to protect their wealth at any times from the potential impacts of inheritance tax, the ending of ongoing financing, and the anticipation of the transition of the family company management."

The Prestigio Protection, developed in partnership with RGA, is available in both natural persons and key person insurance policies, and provides the opportunity to fully customize the guarantees. Clients will benefit from a strategic partnership launched with a leading medical concierge in Europe to fill medical forms.

Our extranet will offer to our distribution partners the opportunity to perform simulations and guide the Clients during the life insurance contract subscription, marking a new significant step in our digital transformation.

Acceleration in La Mondiale Europarners digital transformation marked by the launch of its new extranet

La Mondiale Europartner is launching an innovative, cutting-edge new tool in order to serve its partners and customers. This is a further step in the company’s digital transformation, which is in keeping with a desire to meet its partners and customers’ needs more closely while fulfilling new usage requirements.

A collaborative review

“This development is the result of an in-depth review with our partners, which has been ongoing since 2017. The purpose of this collaborative work was to gather their requirements and understand their expectations, and so provide them with an outstanding customer experience”, Philippe Burdeyron, Director of Development at La Mondiale Europartner, commented. 

An innovative, cutting-edge solution

As of 24 April, all of La Mondiale Europartner’s partners will be able to find out about the new extranet, which is available via the public website and in tablet version. Designed to facilitate everyday operations performed by the Group’s partners who market its products and solutions, the extranet site fulfils a commitment to transparency while providing easy and quick access to a large number of services. Accordingly, this user-friendly and intuitive tool will enable La Mondiale Europartner to stand out on the Luxembourg life insurance market.

What happens next?

Philippe Burdeyron has announced that “the coming months will be continuously marked by innovations developed as part of a joint construction process with our partners. We are in the process of achieving our aim of becoming the leading Luxembourg operator in terms of digital innovation in the high net-worth life insurance market.”

6 Nations 2018

The French rugby team created the feat Saturday, March 10 and won against England (22-16) after 83 minutes of play. It is in this festive and friendly atmosphere that we invited our partners to live the match full of twists in the stands of the Stade de France.

Event Luxembourg for Finance in Milan

Luxembourg for Finance recently organised their regular meeting, held in Milan, with various Market Operators in order to promote Luxembourg's economic and financial centre.

The event, introduced by Prince William of Luxembourg, Minister of Economy, Pierre Gramegna, and Ambassador, Paul Dühr, also hosted a roundtable on Life Assurance coordinated by ACA (Association Des Compagnies d'assurance), with the aim of highlighting Luxembourg's strengths.

Philippe Burdeyron, Deputy Director of LA MONDIALE EUROPARTNER, also spoke at the event.

Event in Milan to discover the superior wines of AG2R LA MONDIALE Group

On November 9th 2017, La Mondiale Europartner and its partners discovered the wines of the AG2R LA MONDIALE Group.

La Mondiale Europartner and participants enjoyed tasting the superior wines of Château Soutard and Château Larmande, properties of the AG2R LA MONDIALE Group around the Saint-Émilion region.

Private Insurance Caf about the Bill of Finance

On November 8th 2017, La Mondiale Europartner invited its partners to the Intercontinental Hotel in Paris to participate in a new "Private Insurance Café" related to the Bill of Finance for 2018 and French mobility issues.  We thank them for their presence and we also thank Maître Michel Collet of the Francis Lefebvre CMS office for the quality of his intervention.

Save the date for our forthcoming "Private Insurance Café" on Friday, December 1, 2017 in Paris, regarding the interest of life insurance for UK residents and in the presence of an external London based specialist, Caroline Cohen. 

A- Outlook Stable: Standard & Poor's confirm AG2R LA MONDIALEs rating

Standard & Poor's (S&P) has confirmed the A- Outlook Stable rating of SGAM AG2R LA MONDIALE and its affiliates, La Mondiale and AG2R Réunica Prévoyance.

"This confirmation from Standard & Poor's recognises the ongoing efforts realised by the Group to reinforce its financial strength and thus continue to strengthen its solvency ratios," said André Renaudin, Chief Executive Officer.

S&P emphasises AG2R LA MONDIALE's ability to strengthen its capital reserves in a low-interest environment thanks to its results, the successful issuance of a new form of hybrid debt in January 2017, and the steadily increasing share of unit-linked products in its life insurance contracts. It therefore considers that the Group has the capacity to maintain a level of capital corresponding to a rating in the "A" category.

The credit rating agency also highlights the work carried out by AG2R LA MONDIALE to become a “Groupe Prudentiel” as defined in Solvency 2, on January 1, 2018. The strengthening of the financial solidarity among the members of the Group is particularly highlighted.

The credit rating agency reaffirms the Group's strong competitive position in its markets and judges that management, risk management, and governance are satisfactory.

ACA Conference _ Switzerland-Luxembourg : l'assurance vie en trait d'union

On May 30th, La Mondiale Europartner took part in the first meeting organised by ACA (the Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) in Geneva. This event gathered together the major players in the business sector: life insurers, private banks, wealth managers and insurance intermediaries and gave La Mondiale Europartner the opportunity to introduce the concept of FAS Advisory Management launched on the market early this year for French resident customers.

La Mondiale Europartner in Italy : The potential of multi-asset in the current market context

On May 16th, La Mondiale Europartner organised an event in Milan dedicated to its distribution partners to present the positive results achieved in 2016 and the ambitious projects planned for the Italian market.

An introduction by Philippe Burdeyron, Deputy CEO, was followed by the two main protagonists of the day. Firstly Valerio Apolloni Ghetti, Country Manager Italy, presented the new commercial offer and the expertise of La Mondiale Europartner in the creation, proposal and management of multi-asset products dedicated to high net worth individuals. Then Clément Simard, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager of AG2R La Mondiale, detailed the investment strategy of our Gestion séparée.

During the event, we discussed the evolution of the Luxembourg life insurance market and the new MiFID2 and IDD regulations, thanks to the interventions of Giuseppe Frascà (First Advisory) and Luca Zitiello (Zitiello e Associati).

This meeting was the ideal occasion to reaffirm the strategic importance of the Italian market and the impact of the offer of multi-asset in what is currently a complex environment.

Private Insurance Caf / Wealth Planning France

On April 25th in Geneva, La Mondiale Europartner has gathered together the Wealth Planning / Life Insurance managers of the major Swiss banks for an event about the "Legal and tax news of life insurance in France".

The objective of this first Private Insurance Café in Switzerland was to exchange among professionals on the latest developments of the solutions for HNWI (High Net Worth Individuals).

Recent developments in life insurance in Italy and Belgium were also discussed during this event.

La Mondiale Europartner is already planning in the coming weeks a new appointment to exchange views on the developments that will undoubtedly be discussed after the french elections !

Our product Life Mobility Evolution was awarded a prize

On March 14, the magazine Investissement Conseils organized in Paris the fifth edition of the event "Pyramides de la Gestion de Patrimoine". On this occasion, La Mondiale Europartner was awarded a prize in the best Luxembourg contract category for the Life Mobility Evolution.

After the Future Bancassurance Award received in Italy at the end of 2016 for the product called Prestigio Evolution 2, we are proud to be newly rewarded for our innovation capacity that has characterized the strategy of our company in recent months.

Private Insurance Caf about Pension solutions for wealthy clients

On Thursday, 16th February, La Mondiale Europartner organised in Milan the first Private Insurance Café of the year entitled "Pension solutions for wealthy clients", with the collaboration of RGA and its development manager in the EMEA zone, Mr Adriano De Matteis.

During the event, several leading players from the private Italian banks listened to the presentation of RGA and then discussed the development prospects for the pension insurance sold through private banks or brokers. Topics of the debate were Death and Total and Permanent Disablement insurance cover, Critical Illness and Long-Term Care insurance cover.

This Private Insurance Café has shown the partners' interest in developing these solutions, but in a market that still needs to improve its knowledge of these products. Disseminating a culture of foresight among customers and partners is essential for companies that want to offer these solutions. Indeed, the presence of specialists who can offer support to the bankers is often fundamental in order to offer these types of cover and to raise awareness amongst clients. For HNWI clients, this means first of all sufficient cover to avoid redemption of investments and to guarantee financial stability for families in the event of the death, sickness, disability or loss of autonomy of the head of the household.

This subject is certain to generate a lot of discussion: anticipating these needs and being ready to have a strong position in this market will be the objective for several market players in the coming years.

LMEP FAS Advisory/Advisory offer

In front of a representative meeting of the main banks present in Geneva, La Mondiale Europartner presented on November 30th the outline of its FAS Advisory/Advisory Offer for French tax residents.

This innovation for the market, intended to help banks in the transition to MIFID II, is in the launch phase with several banks based in France and already available for Swiss banks active in Advisory on the French market.

Standard & Poor's confirms AG2R LA MONDIALEs A- rating : Stable outlook

Standard & Poor's (S&P) confirmed the A- stable outlook rating of AG2R LA MONDIALE institutions : AG2R Réunica Prévoyance, La Mondiale and Prima.

"This confirmation from Standard & Poor's rewards the Group's efforts to improve its financial strength and meet the requirements required by Solvency 2." said André Renaudin, CEO.

This rating underlines the good reputation and the leading position of AG2R LA MONDIALE in patrimonial savings and pension (both in terms of collective contracts and Madelin contracts), as well as the high importance of the asset under management. It also highlights the consolidation of the Group's positions in healthcare (n°3) and insurance fund (n ° 3), as well as its ability to integrate new entities.

It testifies that SGAM AG2R LA MONDIALE has maintained a level of equity and results in line with its rating.

The rating also takes into account the Group's financial flexibility, which reflects its proven ability to access to bond markets, and the approval it has obtained to develop mutual insurance certificates.

In addition, S&P believes that AG2R LA MONDIALE is well positioned to manage the upheaval caused by the National Interprofessional Agreement (ANI) of 11th January 2013 in the healthcare field, in particular by its capacity to offer to very small companies Insurance contracts at competitive prices, which combine several types of coverage through a single relationship.

In the end, the rating agency believes that risk management, management and governance are satisfactory. It positively appreciates the strengthening of the ties of solidarity between the entities of AG2R LA MONDIALE in 2015 and the resources committed so that the Group will soon become prudential according to the meaning of Solvency 2.

In the future, S&P expects the Group to:

  • continue to reduce its sensitivity to interest rates in savings and pensions through the rise of unit-linked contracts;

  • continue its efforts in healthcare and welfare insurance after observing that it began to lower its claims ratio in group insurance through a restructuring of its portfolio.

Conference on our product offer in Lugano (Switzerland)

On Wednesday, November 16th, we organized a conference at the Hotel Dante in Lugano, dedicated to the presentation of our new product Prestigio Evolution II. Olivier Martinez, in charge of business development Swiss Market, and Valerio Apolloni Ghetti, Country Manager Italy, presented the new product and the financial innovations.

This event was an opportunity to meet the main private banks of the place.

At the same time, we are also planning a serie of introductory meetings in the coming weeks with partners who are interested in discovering and exploring our life insurance solutions.

Future Bancassurance Awards ceremony

On November 14th in Milan, we received the financial innovation award for our Prestigio Evolution II during the "2016 Future Bancassurance Awards".

Valerio Apolloni Ghetti, Country Manager Italy, received the award in person and commented on this distinction: "Our company has been present in Italy for almost 20 years, but we feel it is very recent. Indeed, we lately intensified our operations on the territory thanks to the launch of our new product Prestigio Evolution II. The first objective is to increase our visibility on the Italian life insurance market by communicating on our company as well as on our offer and becoming a reference actor. "

The launch of a new product in Milan

The launch of the Prestigio Evolution II on the Italian market was accompanied by an event organized by LMEP in two parts: The first part was meant to meet the partners and the second part was devoted to the specialized Press.

At the beginning of the day, more than 20 partners and prospects met the management of LMEP, the marketing and product development managers as well as the employees of the Milan subsidiary.

This event was an opportunity to describe the operation of the new product and all the financial innovations that LMEP is about to launch on the market.

The feedbacks from the partners and from the Press were very positive and satisfactory. Keep an eye on our news; we will come back to you quickly about it!

A day on the Tour de France

La Mondiale Europartner takes advantage of the Tour de France to Switzerland to invite its partners to take part in an important step.

AG2R LA MONDIALE is proud to support for nearly two decades the cycling team, which conveys solidarity and performance values that motivate the group on a daily basis.

On the occasion of the 2016 edition, La Mondiale Europartner had the pleasure to invite, on July 20th, its partners to take part in step #17 from Bern to Finhaut-Emosson.

The day was organized around three key moments: the start, the race and the finish. Cyril Dessel, former cyclist from AG2R La Mondiale, was able to guide partners throughout the initiative and talk to them about his experience.

This event was an opportunity for LMEP and its partners to discuss strategic issues in a relaxed atmosphere.
We would like to thank our partners for their strong interest and presence, appointment is already taken for the next edition. "The organization was perfect and we spent a wonderful day"

Agnès Stébé, Relationship Manager LMEP - Cyril Dessel

Private Insurance Caf about the legal and tax developments in France

La Mondiale Europartner (LMEP) held July 7, 2016 its second Private Insurance Café in Luxembourg.

In the program: " The legal and tax developments in France: favorable shifts to companies and investors -and- Life insurance and issues of relocation. "

We would like to thank our partners for their involvement and the pronounced interest shown during the Private Insurance Café. Appointment is already taken for the next edition in which we will develop new themes.


Private Insurance Caf about Life insurance and issues of relocation

After Luxembourg and Milan, La Mondiale Europartner (LMEP) held June 2nd, 2016 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Paris its first Private Insurance Café in partnership with Fidal International on " Life insurance and issues of relocation. "

The private banking insurance managers, estate planners and wealth planners of our partners were able to discuss very freely about the problems and solutions presented by LMEP for HNWI customers. Appointment is already taken for a new edition !